The Future of Perovskite Solar Cells

Silicon solar panels have been in use for nearly 50 years. Since their inception in the mid-20th century, the efficiency of silicone solar has increased from 2% to around 20% (with the highest-end models reaching efficiencies of almost 30%) and cost of production has plunged nearly 98%. Still, the future of solar energy may not […]

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Is Tennis for You?

Do you like fast-paced sports that give you a great workout? Tennis is a wonderful way to stay in shape and build muscle. The recent release of the movie BATTLE OF THE SEXES (which depicts the legendary tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs) has helped to propel the sport into a whole […]

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Summer Camp Planning

Enjoying A Summer’s Day If you’re planning to hold a summer camp, or if you’re the camp’s coordinator, you need to have a good deal of action prepared. The location needs to be finalized You have to plan whether the summer camp is going to be an overnight program or a day time program If […]

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Health And Safety Concerns

This is Pipe coming at you, and I want YOU to know how I can change our community for the better. There are many changes I would make to our community to make it more beneficial for the people in our community. This includes helping people repair damaged homes. We need our entire community to […]

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