Is Tennis for You?

Do you like fast-paced sports that give you a great workout? Tennis is a wonderful way to stay in shape and build muscle. The recent release of the movie BATTLE OF THE SEXES (which depicts the legendary tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs) has helped to propel the sport into a whole new arena, but tennis hardly needs extra publicity. It’s already enjoyed by millions worldwide every day on both indoor and outdoor courts. Still need convincing? Here are just a few of the things that make tennis great:

Bone Health

As we age, our bones become more and more brittle which is why falls can be so dangerous for elderly people. A simple spill for a healthy adult can lead to a broken hip (and even death) for a senior. Tennis is wonderful for building bone health because it helps to increase bone strength.

Burns Calories

Want an exercise where you’re really making use of your body? Tennis is for you! You are constantly moving your legs and swinging your arms, building muscle mass in both and burning calories. Dedicated tennis players can run between 3-5 miles per match and burn 400-600 calories an hour.

Aerobic and Anaerobic Health

You intake a great deal of oxygen while playing tennis and that is very beneficial for oxygen and nutrient delivery to your bones. The blood flow to your muscles also increases, improving function. The stop/start nature of a tennis game makes it very high energy. Cardiovascular health is crucial for preventing such dangers as heart attack and stroke.

It’s Very Social

Sure you can use the backstop and play by yourself, but tennis is a very social sport out of necessity: there has to be at least 1-3 other people on the court. Regular tennis players soon bond and their friendship often carries over into other parts of life.