Stories from the Factory- What I learned Working


When working with new environments, there are several things that we must consider: your employees must know about WHMIS, and have a strong background knowledge of the WHMIS signs and what they indicate. What to do in the event of an incident, emergency, or even in the event of a loss of an employee. There are jobs, such as those in the oil industry, that are deemed inherently dangerous jobs. Some deaths are a result of not following procedure, not using tags, etc. There are many inherently dangerous jobs out there such as being an astronaut, or president of the united states. Statistically, President of the United states is one of the most murdered professions.

Recently, there has been a shift to online based workplace training- it is cheaper and more efficently than person to person training. Most companies today are using online based training because it is generally cheaper and quicker. Employees get a good sense of the type of issues they may face, as well as safety precautions and disaster mitigation. I was recently doing WHMIS training online  for a project I was working on in a factory setting, I went through it in about 3 hours and felt at the end that I was better off with the up to date, online based educational learning.
Many companies are not up to date on their training for JHSC certifications, this is a major problem. It only takes one circumstance, one issue, one loss to result in major and massive financial and legal repercussions. Here are a couple stories about people who have not had their certifications up to date. One individual was working as a contractor, doing construction on a second floor of a home. Some wood broke and the individual fell a story down to the concrete floor below, sustaining serious head injuries. Falls are the most common workplace risk.

Another individual fell into a silo, and was suffocated by the grain dust. This would have been an awful way to die and easily prevented if there was stronger more stringent health codes in effect.